NEW BERLIN FESTIVAL: WOOLOO.ORG Call All Artists (Lá Fora… 25)

“FESTIVAL FOR NEW MODES OF MOVING AND EXISTING NEW LIFE BERLIN is a contemporary art festival dedicated to new modes of moving and existing.

Curated from the online art community WOOLOO.ORG, NEW LIFE BERLIN aims to
connect the critical resources of a global network of artists with the physical geography of Berlin, as European pre-eminent centre for cultural production.

NEW LIFE BERLIN is taking place in Berlin from June 1-15, 2008 in collaboration with BERLINAUT.

The NEW LIFE BERLIN artistic program is focused on participation and is open to proposals from international artists

Artists working in all mediums are encouraged to apply for participation in the various NEW LIFE BERLIN projects.”

Further information on NEW LIFE BERLIN and BERLINAUT can be found on the
websites (English) and
(Danish and German).

For any questions about NEW LIFE BERLIN, please contact Katrine Clausen: / phone: +49.(0)30.6676.3097 
WOOLOO.ORG, Choriner Strasse 85, DE-10119 Berlin



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