Frieze Film 2008: Road Movie (Lá Fora… 34)

make your own movie…
make someone else’s movie…
make it your mission to read ‘The Road’…
make a small part of a bigger whole…
make it on YouTube…
Make it into Frieze Art Fair

Frieze Film 2008 announces Road Movie, an experiment in film
making, authorship and dispersal made in response to the way in
which digital platforms such as YouTube have made film a medium
freely available to all.

Frieze Film’s Road Movie will be a film made by artists and
filmmakers in response to an open invitation issued by Frieze
Film. Road Movie will be produced and distributed on the Frieze
Film 2008 group on YouTube at
[], and on the Frieze
Film website [].
The final result will be a film made in an entirely new way: the
first multi-authored fractal film assembled from the sum of its
submitted parts.

Inspired by Cormac McCarthy’s 2006 novel ‘The Road’, Frieze Film
will not have a conventional narrative: in addition to submitting
original material visitors to YouTube will be able to  download
and refashion existent clips, spurring a chain-reaction of
multiple narratives  and occurrences: Road Movie will be wholly
individual and collective.    

Frieze Film will be shown in Channel 4’s admired ‘3 Minute
Wonder’ slot during the  week of Frieze Art Fair from Monday 13
October to Thursday 16 October at 7.55pm.

For further information visit




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