AntiFrame – Independent Curating Project

AntiFrame – Independent Curating Project presents itself in the international artistic panorama as an ambitious and conscientious initiative for curating and promotion of artistic projects.


Through a platform of artists, we attempt to position their work into an artistic sense and a suitable space. Antiframe is driven by the rejection of traditional aesthetics and shows its incisive role in a society where Art does not often portray an active role among us.


In this sense, we propose the creation of a bond between artists, curators, collectors, promoters and institutions within national and international artistic associations. We approach museums, galleries and cultural events groups in order to impulse the work Antiframe considers pertinent.


This project is composed by three distinctive areas (Curatorship, Artistic Education and Design). AntiFrame aims to be not only a promotional direction of original work in artistic terms, but also worries about reaching the general public in understanding contemporary art, by developing engaging programs into the artistic world.



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