Rijksakademie Call for Entries (Lá Fora… 86)

The Rijksakademie Residency in Amsterdam is an international research and
production place for emerging, professional artists from all continents.
The Rijksakademie is more than a residency. It has extensive technical
facilities, a library and an art collection. In addition, the Rijksakademie
offers basic facilities such as a studio, assistance by technical
specialists, a work budget, and mediation with accommodation and grants.

There are some fifty studios where resident artists work for one to two
years on research, experiments, projects and production. Confrontation with
diverse cultures and advice by internationally active artists, curators and
others, promote the deepening, expansion and acceleration of artistic

A period at the Rijksakademie has the greatest effect on an artists’
career, three to five years of professional experience before applying.

Resident artists pursue every medium and technique: painting, drawing,
graphics, photography, sculpture, video, film, sound and digital media.
Artists can also explore links with other areas, such as architecture,
theatre, music, literature and science.

Each year approximately twenty-five artists are invited for a residency.
Artists can apply for a residency from January to December 2010 by using
the online application form. The deadline for application is 1 February

Information: http://www.rijksakademie.nl


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