13th International Media Art Biennale WRO 09 (Lá Fora… 92)

The International Media Art Biennale WRO is the leading forum for new media art in Poland and Central Europe. Since its inception in December 1989, WRO has been devoted to art forms using contemporary means of creation and communication.WRO is an enquiry into artist’s relationship to existing technology and to the blurring of the boundaries between high and popular culture, between local and global awareness, between commercial and independent endeavours. WRO highlights individual approaches to artistic tools an the one hand; and on the other, the standarization of contemporary phenomena.

Main events: 05-10 May 2009

Exhibition, National Museum, Wrocław: 05 May – 07 June 2009

The competition is open to any work created using electronic media techniques, exploring innovative forms of artistic communication.

Every participant may submit up to three works for the competition. The works may be submitted by artists, producers, distributors and other persons or organizations holding rights to the submitted works. The works must to be created after 01.01.2007.

The entry to the competition is possible only with the electronic form. The entry is registered in the competition when the organizers receives a preselection copy, and a signed entry form. The preselection copies along with a signed print-out of a filled in entry form should be posted to the address below.

There is no entry fee.

The organizers provide the qualifying participants with accommodation and a free entry pass to all WRO 09 events.


Fonte: www.wro09.wrocenter.pl
WRO Art Center
WRO 09 Media Art Biennale Competition
ul. Widok 7
50-052  Wrocław
tel: +48 71 343 32 40

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