Daniel de Sousa – PPD Series – London College of Communication

Diploma of Professional Studies
PPD Series – London College of Communication
The Lecture Theatre

Friday 23rd of January
10:00 – 11:30

Daniel de Sousa will represent his pathway course – Information Design
– as part of PPD Series run by Sarah Temple.
The presentation will outline Daniel’s work experience during the year
out and also his time studying in Prague. Furthermore, he will share
how his year in industry has boosted both his educational and
professional experience.

Also sharing their experiences are Daniel’s colleagues Himali Patel,
Olli Vainamo and Peter Long

‘It is to encourage second years to take part in the DPS – but much
more importantly, to get them to consider what they want to do with
their futures.’
Sarah Temple – Course Director of the Diploma in Professional
Studies/GMD Programme Director of PPD in the School of Graphic Design


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