Fourth Open International Competition – TOWER KRONPRINZ: SECOND ADVENT, Kaliningrad, Russia (Lá Fora… 94)

Kaliningrad Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Tower Kronprinz

The Concept

International competition “Tower Kronprinz: Second Advent” focuses on the involvement of the city dwellers and professional community in the process of restoring and reconstructing the future residence of NCCA in Kaliningrad – a fortification structure tower-redan Kronprinz, a historical and cultural monument of the middle XIX century.

In 2003 NCCA got an official right to use a part of defense barracks – tower Kronprinz – and create there a museum, exhibition, research and information complex of actual culture in Kaliningrad. At present reconstruction and restoration works are in progress, but it takes quite a time to complete them. We perceive these works as a process of creation and every year we manage to find some new angles of the monument’s vision and to integrate it into the regional and European life – and all this with the help of witty proposals of artists. The project allows to demonstrate the possibilities of contemporary art and helps to actualize the historical monument and make it recognizable by the society.

The following projects are eligible for the competition: developed by Russian and international artists, newly created and never shown before, related to the tower KRONPRINZ and meant for demonstration on its territory.

The project is supported by:
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Ford Foundation (Moscow representative office)


Ybardoun AT (project co-ordinator – Julia Bardun)


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