7th Vevey International Photo Awards (Lá Fora… 97)

The Vevey International Photo Awards is a competition of photographic projects with a first prize of 30,000CHF (approx. 20,000 Euros). It is organized by the Fondation Vevey, ville d’images as part of the festival Images’. The purpose of the competition is to promote outstanding personal work that is original and unconventional. There are, therefore, no limitations as to the choice of subject matter or genre.


The competition is open to professional artists or photographers, and to students. Its aim is to support talented creators, without any limit of age, by enabling them to carry out a personal project. The prize winner’s project will be completed and exhibited at the next festival Images’ in Vevey, in September 2010.


The jury
A jury composed of key figures in the field of the visual arts will select projects and choose prize winners on the basis of the quality of the ideas reflected in the form and content of the work submitted.


First Prize
A first prize of 30,000 CHF (approx. 20,000 Euros) is awarded to a project that will be completed and exhibitedat the next edition of the festival Images’. The Belgian artist Geert Goiris received this award at the 6thVevey International Photo Awards competition for his project Whiteout at the South Pole.


Registration and Deadlines
Candidates should register online at http://www.images.ch.
Projects must be submitted by April 30th 2009 at the latest.


Grand prix international de photographie de Vevey
Rue du Clos 12- CP 443
1800 Vevey – Suisse
T. +41 (21) 922 48 54
Fonte: http://www.images.ch


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