Atopia – Vitrine Project, Oslo (Lá Fora… 129)

Atopia – Vitrine Project, Oslo

Deadline : April 30, 2009

Atopia is accepting proposals for its Vitrine Project. Artists of all lands may apply.
The first season of Atopia’s Vitrine project has just ended. Five video artists based in Norway were invited to produce new works for Vitrine for the period of Dec. 2008 – March 2009. For its second season we wish to invite 6-8 artists both from Norway and from other countries.

Vitrine is an outdoor project of Atopia that is specially designed for its location in Oslo. The space is equipped with four large windows facing Sannergata at street level. We have created the possibility for projection onto these windows using back projection material with the capability of synchronizing the four video´s. Sannergata is a busy route for traffic moving in and out of the city, and the Vitrine project has the potential of reaching thousands of viewers everyday. We seek proposals for site-specific video installations that are innovative in their approach and daring in their exploration. …


Curator: Farhad Kalantary


Address: Atopia, Sannergata 32, 0557 Oslo, Norway



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