Optica, International Festival of Videoart 2009, Gijón-Asturias Spain (Lá Fora… 128)

Optica, International Festival of Videoart 2009, Gijón-Asturias Spain
Deadline : June 30th, 2009


Are you Optica?
Optica is one of the first projects of its kind and, at the same time, is among the contemporary art events which attracts the most media attention.

This initiative, organized by the Asociación Cultural Colectivo Interferencias, offers a forum for interchange and promotion that encourages an encounter with visual experimentation at an international level. To experiment means to go in search of the unknown. Videoart breaks established precepts, conferring prominence on the essence of film: light, sound and movement, in some cases resulting in pure abstraction. That’s why it’s one of the most natural and genuine forms of audio-visual culture, to the degree that it demands a subjective perception of space-time, through the technology of the electronic image.

We seek to provoke reactions in the spectator’s personal world-view, to stir up his private apprehensions. We aim to explore reality, but via a deconstruction of its constituting elements. We want to discover how we create our memories; how not only fantasy but pre-established patterns come to form part of the articulation of space and architecture; how we domesticate life by resorting to codes.

To set out on the path leading to video art means exploring the byways of observation. An observation which through the years has been transmuted, revealing to us its complicity with history and its discursive potential transformed into cultural image.


If you’re inside the world of the videoart: independent artist, curator, vj, institution…, it would be a pleasure for us that you take part of our program. For that reason, we’d like to invite you to make a proposal for Optica 2009.
Note for Galleries
Optica offers the opportunity to present new video works by emerging and established artists. The participation is through invitation and it is free of charges.

A jury composed of people linked to the world of contemporary art will select the best work within each section. These will be awarded the Optica Prize 2009 for best videoart work.

You can send your work together with the submission form to:

Optica, International Festival of Videoart 2009
P.O. Box 529
33200 Gijón-Asturias

Any enquiry about how to take part of the Festival, deadlines, formats, running time, themes,… must be sent at enquiries@opticafestival.com


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