Exhibition Opportunity in Prague, 2010 – Semma, Vaclav Spala Gallery (Lá Fora… 138)

Deadline 10 June, 2009

Semma s.r.o, tenat and operator of Václav Špála Gallery, Národní 30, 110 00 Praha 1

Semma, the operator of Václav Špála Gallery, invites artists to submit their exhibition projects to a grant programme; selected projects will be supported financially and presented in Václav Špála Gallery in 2010. The grant programme is open to projects using all visual arts media. Applications may be submitted by natural as well as legal persons engaged in the visual arts. The objective of the grant programme is to support quality group and solo exhibition projects. Our aim is to present the best of visual arts reflecting the current social atmosphere to the general public.
Application deadline (the date of mailing will be considered, if you send your application by post): 10th June 2009

Application requirements:
1 You must pay an administrative fee of CZK 500 / 20 €, provide a receipt
2 Detail project description (max. 3 standard pages)
3 Project budget including other support you might have obtained from other subjects
4 Name of curator, CV, confirmation of project participation
5 Names of artists, CV, confirmation of the artists participation in the project, their portfolio
6 Contact informations of grant applicant

The application may be submitted on digital media or in hard copy (in such case a CD with the application will be enclosed).

The application will be sent by post to the following address – Galerie Václava Špály, Mariana Jůdová, Národní 30, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic, or delivered directly to the gallery to the gallery manager, Mariana Jůdová, it can also be e-mailed to judova@spalovka.cz This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
The administrative fee payment will be made to the following account IBAN: CZ09 0100 0000 5125 3771 0247, Swift kod: KOMBCZPPXXX, variable symbol 30, on the day of submitting the application at the latest.
Applications that will not meet the specified requirements will not be considered. Neither applications nor fees will be returned or refunded.

Evaluation of applications:
Projects will be evaluated by an expert committee. Three selected projects will be given an opportunity to be presented in Václav Špála Gallery in 2010 – Galerie Václava Špály, Národní 30, 110 00 Praha 1 – the exhibitions will be financially supported by Semma, the operator of Václav Špála Gallery, the financial support will be CZK 200 000.
Expert committee:
Lenka Lindaurová, independent critic and curator, committee chairperson
Mariana Jůdová, manager of Václav Špála Gallery
Tomáš Pospiszyl, theorist and curator
Milan Salák, artist, assistant professor at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague
Jiří Ptáček, theorist and curator
Petr Šec, director, Proximity Prague

The decision of the expert committee will be final, no reservations will be accepted.
The applicants will be informed about the committee’s decision within two months after application deadline. The final exhibition dates will be specified by a gallery representative.
Galerie Vaclava Spaly,
Narodni 30,
110 00 Prague 1,
Czech Republic

Fonte: www.spalovka.cz


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