MADRID PROCESOS 09 (Lá Fora… 141)

Application deadline:  May 16, 2009

AVAM (Associated Visual Artists of Madrid) invites proposals for a competition to select four artistic projects for inclusion in Madrid Procesos 09. This competition is part of the activities of CRAC (Coordination of Resources for Contemporary Art), an initiative sponsored by AVAM in order to improve the working conditions for the production and creation of works in the visual arts.

The objectives of Madrid Procesos 09 are:
– To offer the artists collective a platform for the support of coordination and the financing of artist’s productions.
– To further experimentation and the production process.
– To analyse and draw attention to different models of contemporary artistic production, highlighting the factors which determine its development.
– To respect the rights of the profession and those of the author.
– To help Madrid’s artists create and disseminate their work, thereby promoting active international cooperation.

Artists of any nationality may participate, regardless of age. In the case of a group project, the collective must designate one member to represent them.

Participants must present an original and unpublished project (It may currently be in some phase of production) to be partially, or totally completed during the duration of the grant.

There is no incompatibility with other support for the same project, but this must be specified (when it exists) in the documentation that is presented.

The production of the project must be realized primarily using resources available within the Community of Madrid, the various stages of its development to be visible during the entire duration of Madrid Procesos 09 (see condition number 1.10).

Amount of grant:

The maximum amount designated for support is 9.000 € (TAX Base + VAT) and to be divided into the following parts:

6,000 € for the production of the project. This amount will include: materials, travel, housing, insurance and any other expenses related to the production of the project.

3,000 € for an honorarium to cover the making of the work and the author’s rights. This allocation cannot be renounced.

According to the current tax legislation, invoices of expenses must contain the corresponding withholding tax and all the particulars required on a normal VAT invoice.

At least 50% of the artists selected must either have been born in Madrid or be residents in the Community of Madrid during the year 2009.

AVAM (Associated Visual Artists of Madrid)
C/ Pelayo, 62
28004 Madrid

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