Proposals to exhibit between February – June 2010, WEST SPACE, Melbourne (Lá Fora… 152)

WEST SPACE invites artists / artist collectives / curators to submit proposals to exhibit between
February – June 2010
Deadline :  Friday 19 June 2009

Please refer to the website for details of the gallery configurations:

Application guidelines can be viewed at / Fonte:


Who can apply

West Space welcomes proposals by practitioners working in all fields of creative endeavour. These fields broadly include visual and audiovisual arts, newmedia, sound, design, craft, literature and performance.
West Space welcomes proposals by emerging and established practitioners.
Applications for solo or group exhibitions are welcome.
West Space does not exhibit work by current undergraduate students, but accepts proposals from undergraduate students for exhibitions that will commence after their studies are complete.
West Space selects proposals with a view to programming a dynamic calendar of events. We seek to balance emerging and experienced artists, while presenting a broad range of media and critical approaches.
Exhibition Fees

Gallery 1: (AUD) $990 (including GST)
Gallery 2: (AUD) $700 (including GST)
Gallery 3: (AUD) $500 (including GST)

Please note that West Space will maintain the duration of exhibition length at 3.5 weeks in 2010.


How to apply

Applicant Information Required

1. One Page: Proposal Cover Page must include:

    * Main contact person and contact details.
    * Names of all applicants if a group show is being proposed.
    * Preferred exhibition space.
    * Preferred exhibition times (e.g. Feb-March or Oct-Nov)
    * A very short (two sentence) summary description of your proposal.
    * Please indicate if the proposed work contains audio.
    * Clearly indicate if you are interested in hiring equipment.

2. One Page: Description of the exhibition and the work you wish to exhibit (no more than one A4 page).

Following are some points that contribute to clear and informative proposals.

    * Use clear subheadings in your text.
    * Keep your application brief.
    * The description of work may take the form of What, Why, Where, How.
    * If the work is especially suited to a particular gallery, describe why.
    * Proposals for group shows or collaborations are more likely to be successful if they contain a clear rationale relating the works of participants together.
    * If there is a conceptual/formal gap between your proposal and support material, please describe how you will arrive at that new body of work, and its connection to your past work. For example, if all your past work consists of paintings, and you are proposing a video or installation exhibition, you may want to describe how you will achieve this new work.

3. One Page: Curriculum Vitae for each of the applicants.

4. Support Material

The quality of your support material is important. It is preferable if the support material relates directly to your exhibition description. However, material that clearly indicates your ideas and work approaches is adequate. You may supply still images and/or audiovisual material. Do not duplicate the same material in two different formats.

If you are submitting digital images:
Maximum 15 images for a solo show, maximum 30 for a group show. Please provide in jpeg format on CD.

If you are submitting audiovisual support material:
West Space can view materials on DVD, audio CD and Quicktime format. Maximum duration of A/V material: 12 minutes.

You may add a small amount of other support material, such as past publications, invitations, exhibition reviews etc.

5. One Page: Description of support material

Include name, date, medium, dimensions. Include a brief description of the relation between your support material and proposed show. Is it the actual work to be exhibited or is it indicative only.

Please send applications to:

West Space
PO Box 12425
A’Beckett Strett
Melbourne VIC 8006

Or drop it into the gallery during gallery hours only (Wednesday to Friday 12-6, Saturday 12-5 during exhibition periods). For Saturday entry please ring bell. Level 1, 15-19 Anthony St Melbourne Vic 3000

For further information, please contact Program Coordinator Mark Feary on +61 3 9328 8712 or at


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