1st Annual N U D E – Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center, Cincinnati, OH (Lá Fora… 170)

Deadline : July 17, 2009

An International Competitive Exhibit Exploring
the Uncovered Human Form in Current Art
Postmark Deadline for Entry: July 17, 2009
For more info. visit: http://www.manifestgallery.org/nude09
For five seasons Manifest has presented an extremely diverse array of works by 400 artists in 56 exhibits. The only criteria beyond the occasional thematic restriction have been that the works selected for exhibit must be of the highest quality available, and must pass through our rigorous jury process.

Deciding to add a ninth exhibit to our lineup is a big step. It means we’ll be running full-tilt all year long. Now, thanks to our dedicated staff and student interns we realize that this is not only possible, it is something we should do. It is after all why we exist.

In honor of that which we all share in common, which is the only thing that is truly ours throughout our lifetime, we invite artists to submit works in any media, of any style or genre, (abstract, conceptual, highly realistic, etc.), and of any size, for consideration in Manifest’s first annual NUDE, an international competitive exhibit exploring the uncovered human form in current art.
Why this is important:

– Manifest is a 501(c)(3) mission-driven non-profit. Adding a ninth exhibit to the schedule increases our public presentations by 13%.

– An annual ‘nude’ exhibit will be the only annual offering at Manifest that is subject-based. This will make the exhibit catalogs for  N U D E  an important and unique documentation of how the nude is addressed in contemporary art across an ongoing span of time.

– The subject of the nude is ubiquitous in the study and practice of art. Some may think that it is merely nostalgic, sentimental, ‘academic’, or in some way lacking in relevant content – that it is passe. We don’t agree. At Manifest we take a stand for the validity of the practice of what may have once been ‘traditional’ disciplines, and for the idea that these can also be part of leading contemporary thinking and activity in the visual arts. With N U D E  we are asking, “Where is it now?”

Postmark Deadline for Entry: July 17, 2009
For more info. visit: http://www.manifestgallery.org/nude09

Exhibit opens August 14th. This will be the final exhibit of Manifest’s fifth season. Season 6 will open on September 25th.


Manifest is funded in part by: The City of Cincinnati, The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation, the Ohio Arts Council, and the Fine Arts Fund.

Manifest Creative Research Gallery
and Drawing Center
2727 Woodburn Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206
Fonte: www.manifestgallery.org


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