Hahnemühle Anniversary Photo Award (Lá Fora… 172)

Deadline : 30 June, 2009

To celebrate the 425th anniversary of our company we are inviting both amateur and professional photographers from all over the world to take part in the international Hahnemühle Anniversary Photo Award.

The theme of the competition is “For Originals”. We are interested in the photographer’s unique angle of capturing people, objects and moments from an original perspective.

Please submit up to 4 pictures printed on Hahnemühle paper in A4 format.

The lucky winners can look forward to receiving a total of €36.000 in non-cash prizes.
The 40 best images will be selected for the “Hahnemühle Anniversary Collection” which will be exhibited in the European, American and Asian photo capitals of the world.

Entry requirements and entry form can be downloaded here.
Fonte: http://www.hahnemuehle.com/site/en/1897/photo-award-2009.html


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