Orient Global Freedom to Create Prize (Lá Fora… 179)

The Prize honours artists on the frontlines who promote social justice, build foundations for open societies and inspire the human spirit.

The Orient Global Freedom to Create Prize, established in 2008, recognises artists who bring messages of hope to places of turmoil and despair. Light comes in a deeply felt song or dance, in paintings or photographs that change the familiar into the exceptional, in dramas that tell hidden stories, in designs that solve practical problems.

Finding Courage in Truth
In societies where creativity is suppressed, artists provide a voice for the frightened, silent majority. They express the pain of the past and the possibilities for tomorrow. They inspire the human spirit and nourish the creativity needed for progress.

Artists in all creative fields, using any artform, are urged to enter.

* Main Prize. For individuals or groups. The winner receives US$50,000. Second prize, US$15,000. Third prize, US$10,000. Award monies will be divided evenly between the artist/group and a nominated advocacy organisation.

* Imprisoned Artist Prize. For artists currently imprisoned for defending human rights. The winner receives US$25,000 to support family, pay legal costs and promote advocacy.

* Youth Prize. For individuals or groups under the age of 18. The winner receives US$10,000 for an educational scholarship and US$15,000 for help with advocacy.


Orient Global is a private investment group based in Singapore and founded by New Zealand-born entrepreneur Richard Chandler.

The Freedom to Create Prize is implemented by ArtAction, a philanthropic organisation established by Orient Global in 2007 to improve lives on the frontlines of the developing world.


Deadline: 14 August 2009
Total Prize Fund: US$125,000


More information and application’s procedure:
Fonte: www.freedomtocreateprize.com


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