Annual call for submissions at aceartinc (Lá Fora… 182)

Annual Call for Submissions – Regular Programming

Due: Post marked no later than August 1, 2009
Regular Programming is created through submissions that seek the support of aceartinc’s facilities and services for public presentation. aceartinc is dedicated to cultural diversity in its programming and to this end encourages applications from contemporary artists and curators identifying as members of GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered), Aboriginal (status, non-status, Inuit and Metis) and all other culturally diverse communities. aceartinc encourages proposals from individuals, groups and collectives in all visual arts media.

Regular Programming submissions are solicited through a general annual national call with a deadline of August 1st.

The Selection Committee reviews submissions within the context of aceartinc’s mandate and goals and makes recommendations to the board within 4 weeks of the deadline. [The Selection Committee is comprised of the Programming Coordinator, 1-2 Board Members, and 2 Community Members.]

The program is based on aceartinc ‘s available material or personnel resources. aceartinc will pay CARCC fees to artists exhibiting through Regular Programming. Travel and accommodation, one-way shipping and per-diems will be provided where funding permits. aceartinc produces invitations and media release documents, maintains a Critical Distance writing program for response to projects, and documents all projects digitally and in other media as appropriate. Please call (204) 944-9763 or email the gallery if you require other assistance regarding your submission.

Regular Programming specifications:

When preparing your proposal, keep in mind that each jury member receives and reviews a photo-copy of your written materials before they view your visual support material. It is to your advantage to provide written materials that are easily readable after being photocopied. Submissions that do not follow the below will be edited as such for jury to review (ie. CVs going over 2 pages).

We advise for those who do not know our establishment, to get a sense of what we’ve done, visit our web archives.

– a current CV with current contact info (no more than 2 pages)
-an artist and or curatorial statement (no more than 1 page)
– a project proposal. note: if project is in development, please present support about the development as well as related past work
– schedule of activities (if applicable)
-an equipment list or itemization of special technical needs if applicable
– image list (no more than 1 page)
– Self-Addressed Sufficiently-Stamped Envelope (S.A.S.E.): Due to excessive costs for the gallery, your submission will not be returned without one. For return of Slides/CD-R/DVD only, please ensure correct postage for those items. Dossiers that are not claimed or pre-stamped will not be kept and destroyed.
-Support materials: up to 20 images (inc. total of 20 for group submissions) **CD-R images must be as jpegs 72dpi, 1024 x 768 pixel, 500k (.5 MB) RGB or SRGB only. NO POWER POINT PLEASE!


*video must be NTSC compatible or DVD max 10 minutes long and cued up
* CD-R video must be accessed only with one of the following plug-ins: Quicktime, RealPlayer, Shockwave, Windows Media Player or Flash.
*audio only in CD format
*no more then 2 printed matter (may include essays, reviews, non-original documents of artworks that cannot otherwise be described in slide or video format. NO BOOKS PLEASE)
*NO laser-copied images, thumbnails, or original artwork.
*NO binders, folders or staples. (Paper clips only please)
*At this time we are unable to accept applications over the internet (NO URL’s) or by Fax

2nd flr-290 McDermot Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3B 0T2
Phone: +1 204-944-9763
Contact: liz garlicki



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