GRANDMOTHER WAITS FOR YOU – The Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh (Lá Fora… 185)

Deadline : 24 July, 2009

The Embassy Gallery would like to invite you to participate in a fast paced, experimental exhibition/event as part of this year’s Edinburgh Art Festival. The theme of this show is derived from a humorous and unlikely combination of local granny culture and global electronic networking.  It will be hosted inside the Embassy Tower at the Roxy Art House with the consent of the Pleasance Theatre who are taking over the building for the duration of the Fringe Festival. Obviously this means a great deal of exposure.
There are two options to the submission process.

Option 1
In the first instance we are looking for works which relate to the notion of granny-hood.  The theme can be handled in any way you wish, whether it be a critique of the stereotyping or condescending tendencies of popular media aimed at older generations ( from magazines such as My Weekly  and Readers Digest to TV portrayals of grannies as quaintly potty technophobes, for example) or simply drawn from your own experience of granny encounters. Ideally we would like to receive A4 work in a format than can be emailed and printed off by us in black and white. If you can manage to bring work to the gallery, however, we will accept original drawings, paintings, photos (of your gran perhaps) and may even be able to show video work or install sound pieces. The work will be placed on the walls of the stairwell leading to the top of the tower

Option 2
The second part of the exhibition will be a collaborative effort between artists and grandmothers. It will be located in the centre of the tower from floor to ceiling and will take the form of a knitted representation of the internet. The idea here is to create a haptic interface communicating the utopian cyber-dream of disparate networks fusing electronically to form a shared consciousness – otherwise known as the noosphere.

We will be looking for light objects (knitted or not) to be embedded within a woollen matrix. These may be works of art related to the subject matters described or simply things that you feel have an appropriate new age resonance strong enough to contribute to the flow of interconnecting energies.

Please bear in mind that the central construct will need to be non-flammable and may need to be treated! 

Also let us know if you would like to come and help with the making of the piece especially if you knit or have a head for heights!

In both instances we would respectfully welcome work by actual bona fide grandmothers known to you personally.
How to Submit
Whatever the manner in which you would like to contribute the deadline for this one is very short so please act fast and loose.
You can send work via email to

or by post to

The Embassy Gallery, CO Roxy Art House, 2 Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9SU, UK.

If you would like to participate in the noosphere assemblage please email us or call Norman Hogg on 07950872479.



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