Urban Interventions – 2010 Bat-Yam Biennale, Israel (Lá Fora… 192)

Deadline : August 30th, 2009

The 2010 Bat-Yam Biennale is pleased to announce an open call for urban interventions.

Please find all the information at: opencall2010.biennale-batyam.org

The 2010 Bat-Yam Biennale invites projects that examine the city’s “flexible” nature in relation to both infrastructures and resources, offering innovative uses for spaces that are under construction, transforming them into functional, temporal urban spaces.

The Bat-Yam Biennale functions as a laboratory through which attitudes in and towards urban space are examined. Urban Action 2010 continues the urban action begun in the first biennale , in which Hosting was the theme.

We invite anyone involved or interested in urbanism to propose interventions in the city of Bat-Yam. We are looking for innovative proposals that will lead to the development and improvement of urban life.

Fonte: http://www.biennale-batyam.org/eng/default.asp


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