Microsound – Diapason Gallery for Sound, Brooklyn (Lá Fora… 199)

Microsound – Diapason Gallery for Sound
Deadline : August 10th 2009

Diapason Gallery for Sound is dedicating the month of October to the exploration of the idea “Microsound”, a technical term and also a musical genre. In honor of the 10th anniversary of the .microsound.org mailing list (founded by Kim Cascone) Diapason will present multi-channel installations, sound objects, performances, lectures, texts and other media in an effort to develop a survey on Microsound from today’s post-digital perspective.

Microsound is a term that encompasses explorations of sound on a time scale “shorter than musical notes”. It includes subgenres such as Glitch music, granular synthesis, Lowercase sound, etc.

About Diapason:
Since 2001, Diapason has been devoted to the presentation of sound art. The gallery, located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY, contains two listening environments with state-of-the-art multi-channel sound systems: the “lounge” contains a 12 channel sound system placed asymmetrically around the space and the “gallery” is a focused listening environment with a high quality 8 channel system. Installation and performance proposals that consider site and spatialization as an important parameter will be favored.
More information / Fonte:

Please submit your proposals by August 10th 2009 to:

Daniel Neumann, curatorial assistant


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