Call for Applications from US Choreographers & Composers (Lá Fora… 204)

Call for Applications from US Choreographers & Composers
Asia Pacific Performance Exchange Residency Fellowship Program (APPEX 2010) Bali, Indonesia
Deadline: September 04, 2009

Feb 1 – 21, 2010
A Project of UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance

APPEX 2010 is a three-week intensive residency in Bali, Indonesia. For five days a week, artists will engage in master classes, studio workshops, experimentation, collaborative projects and public performances. On weekends participants will be introduced to the vibrant arts and culture context of Bali through specially planned field trips and concerts. A total of 16 artists will participate in the APPEX 2010 program. An equal number of American and Asian participants will take part in the program. Asian participants will be recruited from India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia. The rich, interactive workshop environment of APPEX provides artists with the opportunity to develop the ability to collaborate across discipline and culture; learn mutual and self-reflective critical techniques; and initiate life-long friendships and professional networks.

WHO SHOULD APPLY. Traditional and contemporary performing artists from USA are invited to apply. Special care will be given in the selection process to ensure a balance across disciplines. Artists who are active in the community as educators, artistic directors, and cultural workers are encouraged to apply.



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