COMPETITION AND GRANT : CDAN, Centro de Arte y Naturaleza, Huesca, Spain (Lá Fora… 212)

Deadline: September 30th 2009

The purpose of the invitational competition. The objective of the competition Instants of Landscape 09 is to select a maximum of ten projects with the intention of fomenting the idea of landscape and audio-visual creation. 

Participants. The invitational is open to all enthusiasts of the visual arts, who may be individuals or entities, and who can send a maximum of two pieces per participant.

Format. The work must be produced for DVD format, taking into account its eventual single channel or Digital Betacam screening. Video installations or any other type of works will not be accepted if they require specific assembly or technology that cannot be shown in this format. Works that are not originally in Spanish must be subtitled in this language. They cannot be more than 30 minutes long.

Documentation and entry. Each project must include:

-DVD with the piece submitted for competition
-Résumé of artistic career of each participant or team
-Portfolio of other works produced, consisting of a maximum of 5 pages and 5 images
-Photocopy of the ID or passport of the author of the project
-Theoretical statement on the idea of landscape the project embraces, no more than 3,000 characters long
-Synopsis, a minimum of three photographs and informative material for its promotion
-If the information listed above is not received in its entirety the project will be rejected.

Closing dates. Submissions must be delivered in person or by post to the CDAN no later than 2:00 p.m. on September 30th 2009.

Projects must be original and not have been previously exhibited through any other contest or award.

Monetary award. Two prizes will be granted: A first prize of €2,500 and a second prize of €1,000. The winning pieces, and the selected pieces, may be shown in the exhibitions organised by the CDAN through its programme or as part of the activities of the Huesca Film Festival. The decision will be published as of October 13th 2009 on CDAN’s website, and all participants will be informed in writing. 


Deadline: October 1st 2009

To accomplish one of the objectives of the Beulas Foundation-to support and promote research and study projects on contemporary art-the Centro de Arte y Naturaleza organises the Maria Sarrate Research Grant for projects involving the Beulas collection and contemporary art. 

The purpose of this grant is to fund research and critical study projects on contemporary art, with special attention to the Beulas-Sarrate collection.

The projects must be heretofore unpublished, and research projects related to the documentary holdings belonging to the INDOC (CDAN’s documentation centre) will be considered of special interest. Each research project must be guided by a tutor, who will be proposed by the grant applicant.

Recipients: Holders of degrees in Fine Arts, Humanities, History of Art, Library Science or Documentation and/or researchers of these disciplines. This award may be granted to individuals or research teams.

Duration: 9 months

Monetary award. €6,000. The grant will be issued in two instalments: €1,000 will be issued when the award is granted and the rest upon completion of the project. Recipients of this grant cannot simultaneously receive any other grant or aid for the same purpose. 

Requisite documentation:

a) Certified photocopy of academic qualifications
b) Curriculum Vitae and supporting documentation
c) Explanatory statement on research project
d) Written commitment by research tutor
e) Written commitment to produce and deliver project in no more than 9 months as of the date the grant is awarded

Closing date: by 2:00 p.m. on October 1st 2009. Submissions can be delivered in person or sent by post to the CDAN centre.


Centro de Arte y Naturaleza
Fundación Beulas
C/ Doctor Artero s/n
22004 Huesca

T. 974-239893


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