SoundImageCulture Masterclass 2010: call for projects (Lá Fora… 263)

T. Verhaegenstraat 18
1060 Brussels
Phone: +32484421987
Contact: ilse joliet

Deadline 15 Feb 2010

The SIC master class involves nine months of artistic coaching from mid April to mid December 2010. Through collective seminars, individual advising, group critiques, and inter-artist dialogue participants realise their personal project. For additional perspectives, we occasionally host visiting artists and critics.

SoundImageCulture / SIC is a group of artist-anthropologists committed to artful storytelling through real human encounters that challenge documentary conventions, and opens up to sound and image installations.

SIC offers a nine-month master class to assist professional filmmakers, social scientists and artists in the realization of their personal project. The course involves a broad spectrum of theoretical perspectives and practical workshops so as to link formal and ethical questions during the production process as each creator develops their original, personal point of view.

Informed by developments in cultural theory, social sciences, and the visual arts we question the relation between artist, subject and viewer.

How can you represent somebody in sound and image when you don’t know his or her background? The answer is not to eschew representation; rather, SIC proposes an ethical reflection on how ‘the other’ is presented in contemporary media: we believe this to be an urgency of the multicultural society we live in.

The workshops take place in the art centres Netwerk (Aalst) and De Pianofabriek (Brussels) in Belgium.


Interested candidates should submit their application before the 15th of February 2010. The SIC team will review the applications and invite finalists to interview. Each year SIC selects a maximum of 10 participants. SIC is especially interested in project proposals that reflect upon the intercultural encounter and reveal a genuine and personal relation to the subject.

SIC vzw is supported by the Flemish Government and VGC.



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