Call for Entries – 22nd Biennial of Industrial Design, Ljubljana (Lá Fora… 269)

On 7 October 2010 the Architecture Museum of Ljubljana will open the 22nd Biennial of Industrial Design (BIO 22).

The Biennial of Industrial Design (known also by its Slovene acronym as BIO) is a comprehensive international exhibition that highlights current trends in contemporary design through its selection of well-designed products with an emphasis on quality, originality and innovation.

Designers, manufacturers, commissioners, mentors, students are welcome to submit their works. Works may be submitted in any of the following groups: A. Products, B. Product graphics and information design, and C. Concepts.

The works that will be exhibited will be chosen by international Selection Committee, composed of experts from various area of design. The conditions for participation and selection criteria are stated in Rules for Participation in the 22nd Biennial of Industrial Design.

After the strict selection of all works entered, the works that are chosen and displayed are examined by a prestigious international jury, which awards the highest prizes in design: the BIO Gold Medals, the BIO Quality Concept Awards, the BIO Honorable Mentions, and a BIO Award for a Student Work. The biennial award-winners are announced on the evening of the opening ceremony of the exhibition, which is attended by around one thousand guests from Slovenia and abroad. The BIO awards are conferred by the chairman of the international jury and the most prominent members of the Slovenian political and business worlds.

The event is a cultural occasion directly connected with industry, business, design, innovation, education, and development. At the same time, it presents the activities of the industry and profession to the general public and offers networking potential for various branches of activity.

Period for Entry Submissions:
1 February–12 April 2010

BIO 22 Exhibition:
7 October – 7 November 2010
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: 00386 1 540 03 48
Fax: 00386 1 540 03 44



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