Concrete Geometries: Spatial Form in Social and Aesthetic Processes – Call for Submissions (Lá Fora… 271)

Deadline 12th April 2010

The ‘Concrete Geometeries’ Research Cluster at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London is seeking submissions of work from the fields of art, architecture, sciences and humanities that explore the intimate relationship between between spatial form and human processes – be they social or aesthetic – and the variety of new material entities this relationship might provoke.

The past decade has seen a revolution in design and fabrication tools. Digital design methods for form finding and implementing have produced an influential body of work, preoccupied with the development of novel, complex and heterogeneous spatial form.

This form, simply referred to as ‘geometry’, is often evaluated in relation to its environmental and structural performance. Yet, the emergence of new spatial forms, bear significance beyond advances in technology but in relation to what they offer to the human condition in terms of aesthetic and social processes.

The call wishes to address such questions as:

How is spatial form socially and experientially relevant?
How does it choreograph human processes?
Can it stimulate emotional or behavioral responses or create particular aesthetic experiences?
Can social cultures be pattered through formal configurations of space?
How can the articulation of a space support acts of inhabitation, appropriation or other types of direct engagement?
How do we perceive space visually and bodily?
What social or aesthetic consequences does the formal articulation of space have for our everyday lives and the production of reality?
What kind of associations emerge between spatial form and social actors?

10 Projects and 10 Texts will be selected by the curatorial board for inclusion in an exhibition, symposium and publication at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in 2010.

For further information / Fonte:
The Architectural Association School of Architecture
36 Bedford Square
London WC1B 3ES


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