Galeria Luis Adelantado

Presentación de dossieres hasta el 30 de Abril 2010



Deadline for submission April 30th 2010



1. Characteristics of the Call

This program is for young national and international creative artists (age 24 to 36). Professionals that are in the process of maturing artistically, and possess the capacity, ability and knowledge that will permit them to develop their projects with clarity and consistency.

The purpose of this call for the Gallery, is to establish a point of union with what is happening on the young international art scene and at the same time give the artists the opportunity to present their projects in a professional environment, that permits and facilitate the approach and a possible continuity of collaboration with the Gallery.

2. Entries: _Until April 30th (in our hands before May 1st)

3.Documentation: _The participants should present a portfolio (format A4) with recent works or a CD with images in jpg’s or in pdf format. If necessary, a VIDEO-DVD with preview copies can be included. _Updated CV on paper. _Correctly filled out registration form. _Real pieces or unrequested material will not be accepted. _The portfolios and other received material will be destroyed and will under NO CIRCUMSTANCES BE RETURNED. *Important _The CD should be marked with the artist´s name. Please don’t use adhesive paper or stickers that can prevent the CD from being read correctly.

_The images are for preview on a computer screen only (MAC or PC), which means that hi-res images aren’t necessary

4. The selection _The artists selected for the Call, will be part of an exhibition that will take place in the gallery during the summer of 2010

5. Results _The final selection will be posted on the gallery webpage. Due to the high number of participants, only the ones selected for the call will receive notification by email. (If your name is not on the list, you have not been selected)

6. Send to: CONVOCATORIA Galería Luis Adelantado. C./ Bonaire 6. 46003 Valencia. España It is important that the envelope is marked with: CONVOCATORIA

7. Exhibition _The selected artists will be part of an exhibition the summer 2010.

_The artists are to pay for the transport of the pieces to, and from the gallery in case they are not sold.

Fonte: www.luisadelantadovalencia.com


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