Landscape Moments 2010, CDAN Centro de Arte y Naturaleza, Spain (Lá Fora… 286)

Deadline: September 1st 2010

The aim of the Landscape Moments 2010 contest is to select a maximum of ten projects for the purpose of fostering the idea of landscape and audiovisual creation.


The competition is open to all art enthusiasts, individuals and legal entities, who can send a maximum of two pieces per participant.


Pieces must be produced for DVD format, taking into account their eventual single-channel or digital Betacam exhibition. Video installations or any other kind of works with set-ups and specific technology that is not adapted to this format will not be accepted. The original versions that are not in Spanish must be subtitled in this language. Pieces must be no more than 30 minutes long.

Documentation and submissions

Each project must include:

– A DVD containing the competing piece

– Information on the artistic career of each participant or group

– Dossier of other works produced, of a maximum of 5 pages and 5 images

– Photocopy of ID or passport of the author of the project

– Theoretical justification of the idea of landscape included in the project, no longer than 1,500 characters

– Synopsis, a minimum of three photographs and informative material for its promotion

– If the complete information detailed above is not received the project will be rejected

Monetary award

There is a first prize of €2,500 and a second prize of €1,000. The winning pieces, as well as the others selected, may be shown in the exhibitions organized by the CDAN within the framework of its programme or that of the Huesca Film Festival.

Closing dates for submissions: 14:00 hours on September 1st 2010, in person or by post, at the CDAN venue.


CDAN Centro de Arte y Naturaleza

Avenida Doctor Artero s/n. 22004 Huesc

(+34) 974239893



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