International Painting Camp – Tescani 2010, Romania (Lá Fora… 296)

Tescani Residency Project 1 – 20 th August, 2010

Deadline: May 30th, 2010

The “George Enescu” National Museum (Bucharest), together with the „Dumitru and Alice Rosetti – Tescanu – George Enescu” Department (Tescani, Bacau) and The Museum of Art Bacau, invite artists from all countries, including Romania, to apply for the International Painting Camp – Tescani 2010 : August 1 – 20 th, 2010

The host institution will provide during the camp (20 days) the complete accommodation, including food and working materials, for 6 selected artists ( 3 from Romania, 3 from abroad).


The project aims to generate and facilitate cultural and artistic exchange, promoting the mobility and interaction, as a unic way for an artist to enrich his experience. Artists from all countries, including Romania, working in the field of painting, graphic and illustration, interested of various forms of painting intervention, are eligible to apply. Selected artists will have the chance to work on a proposed project, but also to reconsider their current practices. They have the opportunity to directly familiarise themselves with the work of local and international artists, to exchange future projects. The works done within the project will be presented in group exhibition in Bucharest and will be published in a catalogue.

Further Information and Application

Postal address:


Bucuresti, Calea Victoriei, nr. 141, sector 1 ROMANIA

Tel: (021) 318.14.50



Contact person

Silvia Costin – artist & project coordinator



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