Open Call for Soundgate – exhibition in Aalborg, DK (Lá Fora… 313)

Open Call for SoundGate – A part of Port2010, taking place in Aalborg, Denmark in oct/nov 2010.

The idea behind SoundGate is to create a platform where artists globally can contribute with their sound works and partake in the exhibition that will be presented physically in the town of Aalborg, Denmark, more specifically at Kunsten (the museum of modern art), Utzon Centre (the architectural centre) and Platform4 (a great space where creative people can realize their projects). With this selection of spaces, the aim is to target a broad audience in order to promote sound art and ‘cutting edge’-music to new and hopefully curious ears.

At the selected spaces, listening posts will be set up. The audience will only be able to access the sound through high quality headphones and track information will be displayed on a screen. This means that there’s no audience interaction such as skipping, fast-forwarding or stopping. This clearly challenges new concepts such as ‘on-demand’ and requires old school skills such as patience, and thus hopefully stimulates focus on the actual work. The projects only requires one action from the ‘user’: Listening!

The soundworks can be of any type, ambient, experimental, soundscapes, microsound etc. as long as thought and effort has been put into the works. If you, as the artist, choose to upload your work, beware that this is not a file sharing project. Your work will be streamed at above mentioned spaces and it will be available online. It will not be possible to download tracks just like any kind of user interaction will be disabled on the website. You can upload and/or listen.

If you, as an artist, are registered with any copyright organisation, such as KODA (Denmark), GEMA (Germany) or TONO (Norway) to name a few, you will receive payment for the use of your tracks. The exhibition runs 15th October – 14th November with an option of extending the period. At the end of the exhibition all tracks will be deleted and will no longer be available from Soundgate. You can upload directly at or alternatively use our account at Please upload only mp3 files and do remember to tag them correct. The project is initiated on an open call from Port2010 is an ambitious exhibition project involving the entire north of Jutland. Soundgate has been kindly supported by Port2010 and Kunststyrelsen.

Main organizer behind Soundgate is Lars Lundehave Hansen, who has spend more than a decade promoting sound art and other noise-related activities through, the now defunct, legendary organisation Noisejihad. An organization founded in 1997, having since then presented numerous notabilities in Denmark and promoted Danish acts abroad. Lars Lundehaven Hansen is also the brain behind renowned Danish drone act Wäldchengarten; – a joint venture-project with Dennis L. Hansen. Wäldchengarten has had several releases on various international labels such as Desolation House / Relapse, Drone Records and Phisteria as well as extensive touring all over the world.

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