Call For Photographs – Theme: Male/Female, SHOTS Magazine (Lá Fora… 186)

Deadline: August 5, 2009
SHOTS Magazine announces an international call for photographic work to be considered for publication in the Autumn Issue, SHOTS no. 105. The theme for this issue is MALE/FEMALE.

Please visit the SHOTS website for further information and submittal guidelines.

An established independent photography journal entering its 23rd year of publication, SHOTS reaches an international audience of photographers, collectors, galleries, museums, educators and other fine art photography enthusiasts. Don’t miss this chance to have your work seen!

Submittals must be received by August 5, 2009.

Online submittals are now accepted.


Shots Magazine is an independent, reader-supported, quarterly journal of fine art photography in its 22nd year of publication. Shots is known for its democratic presentation of work by a variety of photographers from around the world. Often described as a “photographer’s photography magazine”, Shots reaches a wide audience that includes not only photographers, but also educators, gallery directors, museums and others interested in photography.
If you are someone who enjoys photography, or if you have some unpublished work you would like to share, Shots may be for you.


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