Deadline: July 1st 2010

The CDAN offers the third Maria Sarrate research grant worth €6,000 for projects related to the Beulas collection and contemporary art. The closing date for project submissions is July 1st.

To achieve one of the objectives of the Beulas Foundation-the support and promotion of research and study projects on contemporary art, the Centro de Arte y Naturaleza offers the “Maria Sarrate Research Grant for projects related to the Beulas collection and contemporary art”.

The purpose of this grant is to foster investigation and critical studies on contemporary art, especially projects related to the Beulas-Sarrate collection.

These studies must be hitherto unpublished, and research projects related to the documentary holdings of INDOC-the Documentation Centre of the CDAN-will be considered of special interest. The research project must be supervised by a tutor proposed by the grant applicant.

Recipients: holders of degrees in Fine Arts, Humanities, Art History, Library Science or Documentation and/or researchers of these disciplines. This grant can be awarded to individuals or research teams.

Length: 9 months

Monetary award: €6,000. The grant will be received in two instalments: €1,000 will be delivered when the recipient is selected and the rest when the project has been completed. This grant is incompatible with any other grant or aid for the same purpose.

Requisite documentation:

Each project must include:

– Certified photocopies of academic diplomas

– Curriculum Vitae and corroboratory documentation

– Description of research project

– Commitment in writing from the research tutor

– Commitment in writing to produce and deliver the project within four months from the date the grant is awarded.

Closing date for submissions: 14:00 on July 1st 2010. The documentation can be delivered in person or sent by post to the CDAN venue.


CDAN Centro de Arte y Naturaleza

Avenida Doctor Artero s/n. 22004 Huesca

(+34) 974239893



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