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Há fenómenos interessantes. No “about us” do site Hatje Cantz Verlag lê-se o que mais abaixo copio. Depois de lhes enviar um mail a divulgar propostas curatoriais, tal como eles dizem a que estão sempre receptivos, recebo isto:

Please remove contact@hatjecantz.de and/or x.woerle@hatjecantz.de from your mailing list. Thank you.


Xenia Wörle
Sekretariat / Secretariat
Hatje Cantz Verlag GmbH
Zeppelinstraße 32, 73760 Ostfildern-Kemnat
Tel. +49 711 44 05-200
Fax +49 711 44 05-258

GF: Thomas Ganske, Frank-H. Häger, Annette Kulenkampff
HRB 118521 Reg.-Gericht Hamburg


Não tem graça??? Bem, deixo-vos com a “missão” deles.



“Experience the World of Art”

Hatje Cantz sees itself as a mediator of art. Wherever art is found, we are there. Our main goal is to excite enthusiasm for art and to spread knowledge about it—regardless of when, where, or how it has been created.

For our program, we cull the best titles in art, photography, and architecture from around the world. Our trademark is the high-quality production and global distribution of individually designed, carefully made books. With our slogan, “experience the world of art,” we also invite book dealers to exhibitions, organize readings and events, and supply all kinds of useful information about exhibitions, museums, curators, artists, and the art scene.

If we can open up the largest possible portion of the public to new life experiences, provide surprising knowledge, and generate a desire for more, then we are on the right path—and we hope many others will follow it, too.

Annette Kulenkampff


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